AI for PlayCanvas

Hello everyone, I am new to PlayCanvas engine. I have experience of three.js though not webGL. Right now i am searching for a game engine that does not have its AI engine as i would like to go into the development of AI engine of game engines. Please tell me is there a need of AI engine in playcanvas and how should i proceed?
AI - is for Artificial Intelligence.

I personally think that this would be very cool indeed. I have done a few PlayCanvas games that have required AI and the basic foundation for this has been pathfinding. I have been using pathfinding.js which is great. Anything above this, I have had to code myself.

It would be cool to have some higher level framework for decision making. Maybe something that transparently handles time slicing - I used some AI middleware before that allowed you to allocate X milliseconds per frame for AI processing.

I think it would be awesome to see some kind of visual tool (a plugin) in the PlayCanvas interface that allowed you to do all of this graphically.

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Will any suggestions on how to proceed i know some decision making techniques but please can u tell me how to integrate it with present code of the engine?