After opening and closing 3D applications multiple times consecutively, the model cannot be displayed on ios17

I opened and closed the app multiple times on the iOS 17 iPhone XR phone, but the car model couldn’t display it later. Sometimes an error is reported and the car model cannot be displayed

Sometimes not reporting an error

The error message is

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hey … could you try running with the debug version of the engine, the error (callstack) should be a lot more readable.

Hello, there is indeed a problem. My system is iOS 17. 0.3 version, and I encountered these errors when opening it

Under Android, it’s authentic

The ticket with details, it seems to be a safari issue reported by multiple engines:

Yes, can this problem be solved? We have been experiencing this issue in our project.

As the ticket explains, this is a Safari issue, and they already have the fix - so we’re just waiting for a newer Safari with this fix.

Okay, thank you