Advanced Momentum Warrior

A small physics game I made to help me learn the ropes of PlayCanvas.

Arrows to move.

Can you beat my high score of 12.3 seconds?

PlayCanvas game:
PlayCanvas project:

Made with PlayCanvas, the p2.js physics library, and lots of Googling.


Hi @machineman1357,

Nice concept! If you polish it with some sounds and some UI with instructions it can be quite entertaining.

Also the score numbers can have less precision (fewer decimal digits), it would be easier to communicate with friends :slight_smile:

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I like the concept! Took me some time to figure out what to do :slight_smile: +1 to Leonidas suggestions.

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Hello, is there an email i can contact you on, i have a couple of questions?:smiley:

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You can e-mail me here:

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