Ads (advertisement/monetization)

i would love to monetize my game with ads butttt i’m going to put it on google play soo is there any support between playcanvas and google play especially with an advertisements system

TLDR, you would have to wrap the game in a native app like Cordova and then use the plugins they support for ads/monetization.

eg: cordova-plugin-ad-admob - npm

Cordova support: Newest 'cordova' Questions - Stack Overflow

i didn’t understand most of what you said can you give me a project example with ads?

It will be something you will need to ask with whatever app/framework community that you wrap the PlayCanvas game around. It won’t be PlayCanvas specific or something that is a core PlayCanvas feature

You may want to talk to the developer of this app who has done something similar: “ You can’t catch me ” lands on your mobile

do you know how to do ads for google play its going to be a mobile app and i want a monetization option

I’ve mentioned how to here in my last reply: Ads (advertisement/monetization) - #2 by yaustar

TLDR, you will need to wrap the PlayCanvas app with a native framework like Cordova. Then you need to integrate the Ad libraries and plugins to the framework and call them in your PlayCanvas game

@Kevin_Herod As @yaustar said, you can contact me directly to discuss about your use-case and your technical stack to see what libraries you need to monetize your game with Ads. For myself, i just added In App Purchase and not Ads.

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How does it work with HTML5 games? Do you have any examples or documentation?