Additive Euler Angles

Euler angles are driving me crazy. I mean its fine and I can deal with it, but it would be a lot of easier if you could have an angle like 360 degrees or 720 degrees for just easier measurement of rotation. Right now with the 0 to 90, then back to 0 and then -90 is just kinda wierd if you are backing up your work with those measurements.

Working with Eulers is actually have to take looping always in account. So you need to implement some code that will consider this.
I’ve made previously function where you can check the arc angle between two euler angles that takes in account looping and out-of-range values.
Actually -180…+180 is very common way of dealing with Eulers in computer graphics.

If it were to go between -180 and 180 there would not be a problem and that is easily accountable for, but using console.log I found that it actually said something like this 0, 45, 90, 45 , 0 ,-45, -90, -45, 0 Which makes it almost impossible for me to track where something is.

Actually converting from Quaternion it will not give you precisely one axes rotation, check on all axes: Pitch, Yaw, Roll, you will find that they always come together mixed.
Depending on case, you could drive rotation purely by managing Pitch and Yaw in two variables and set rotation using them.