Adding animation to newly instantiated player model? Photon and Playcanvas

Hello, I am able to successfully create new player model instances with playcanvas and photon.
However I do not know how you add animation to this newly created player so that the enemy can view it.
The player can view his animations himself but not the enemy.

PhotonLoadBalancingPlayCanvas.prototype.createOtherPlayerEntity = function (actor) {
    const newPlayer = this.player.resource.instantiate(); = actor.actorNr;
    newPlayer.setPosition(0, 1.2, 0);
    newPlayer.enabled = true;

Here is the code I used to create a new player.

Please let me know any useful information.

Hi @Alexis_Shaju!

I think the topic below can be helpful.

Hi Albertos,
Would it be possible for you to have a look at my project?
I tried, like the project you linked, to create new player models using the clone feature, but I am getting constant errors with this. When I create a new player entity, the “otherPlayer” is being created, for both users instead of each user getting their proper player and viewing others as otherPlayer if that makes sense.

Please let me know.
The current state of the project is in the Latest version of the Alexis Branch which I am working on.
Here is the link: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
Kind regards,