Adding a painterly style overtop the canvas

I found a few posts about this but curious how you can get this effect in playcanvas! I’d imagine you can do it with some clever algorithms per canvas frame, but not sure how to even start thinking of this. Still trying to learn basic shader stuff. But any insight would be great!

Here are links to the posts!

Here are few examples from other engines.

WARNING THIS ONE IS INTENSE lol but gets the point across.

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Hi @Robotpencil,

You will have to apply a post process effect for that, with the right pixel shader algorithm. Here is an example on shadertoy for a water color shader:

On how to get started with post process effects on Playcanvas take a look at this example:

And at the engine repo there are several examples in addition:

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haha you have told this to me before. I need to actually do it! Is it cool if you and me do a zoom call if you have time! I’d be internally grateful! I know everyone is busy but just a good 20-30 minute call to throw me in the right direction would be amazing. :smiley:

Hi @Robotpencil,

Sadly I am not available to do that, but there are a lot of resources online to start your journey in learning how shaders work.

A good starting point is this:

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Thanks!!! I’ll report back my journey :smiley: