Accidentally changed project permission to 'read'; now stuck

We have a payed organisation account, I accidentally changed project permission as ‘Read’ for user account. Now being single user cant edit it, cant even delete the project.

Project id 742686

PS: Entire situation happened while forking the project in order to prevent reaching project size limitation.

Hi @Shakthi_Gs,

Calling @yaustar to help you on this.

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Hello @Shakthi_Gs!
If you go to your organization account then you can go in settings and say ‘‘Change permissions to admin’’ then press it and voila. In your original account your admin. Have fun!

Hello @Gabriel_Dobrzynski Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately I could not find that setting. All I can see is, changing permission is disabled.

Oh, I can show. I was not clear!

Here is a screenshot for a example. If you have your organization account on that project.

If you are admin for the ORG, the way to get around this is to remove the user account from permissions and re-add yourself as Admin

Thegab1 is my organization account. I transfered it to my original account then back to my organization account then go where that screenshot shows then you add your own account as admin.

Just helped @Shakthi_Gs with that explanation! :slight_smile:

If you are unable to do this due to size limits on the ORG, send me your ORG name and I add some storage to help.

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I got “Change permissions to admin” option only after removing user account having read permission.
Thank you @Gabriel_Dobrzynski, @yaustar

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No problem, sadly I do not know everything about PlayCanvas but I try my best to help everyone!

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I’ve added some more headroom in storage to your ORG account just to give some more breathing space

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