Access to engine for loading screen?

Is it possible to access PlayCanvas’ engine for the loading screen? Essentially, I need to make a nice loading screen as if it was a part of the game itself. However from this tutorial, it seems that the loading screen must be pure HTML/CSS?

I wanted to make the loading screen in the editor, using a screen component, etc. Is it not possible? Thanks!

Technically yes but until the asset preload process has finished, I don’t believe the engine itself has been initialised. More info here: Application Lifecycle | Learn PlayCanvas

What I would recommend doing instead is to have the project load into a loading scene will minimal preloaded assets and use that scene to load the assets you need for the project.

This is a pretty common approach that developers take so they can make more interesting/interactive loading attract screen. It gets touched upon here a bit: Optimizing Load Time | Learn PlayCanvas

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