About loading of Assets per scene

i am using Playcanvas since a couple of weeks only. Coming from Unity.

i was under the impression that Playcanvas behaves like Unity when it comes to an export. Only assets and the like get exported, when the are referenced in some scene. But no… Everything in the project gets exported.

Means one needs to keep the project in the Editor absolutely clean. Which I don’t like. For example I would like to have 10 different sounds in the project just to check them out.

However it would be fine to have all this in an export. Question is, does the user need to use to download all those assets as well, even if they are unused???

Where can I read about this?

Any input is very well welcome!

Gretes, Marjan

Only if they are marked as preload or they are loaded via code. Unlike Unity, the asset registery is available at runtime so individual assets can be loaded and unloaded at runtime.

It is recommended to keep it as clean as possible as the meta data about the unused assets is still part of the export.