A game-based Learning game

I am trying to make a learning game where players will have to answer some questions and based on each answer the game will develop. The player will have to reach the certain goal and answering some fixed number of questions correctly will do that.
The concept is somewhat similar to “Moana: Wayfinding with Code”
But I will try to scale it more.
Also it will be two player game so that a player can challenge the other one with questions based on their choices.
Any thoughts and suggestions on how should I approach this will help.

maybe take a lok at ‘hot potato’ ?

what do you mean by ‘hot potato’ ?

‘hot potato’ is a game engine specialiced for educationel games.
I think it’s from new zewland, but I’m not sure. You can take a
look at the school in my game to, I’ve some math and some
multiple choice question in it…

I am not thinking of switching the engine. Playcanvas is good enough. And It’s not more about game than educational game.
Thanks for the suggestion though

I guess Moana is based on Microsoft’s MakeCode/PXT: https://github.com/microsoft/pxt

So you could try to integrate that with PlayCanvas… MakeCode with nice 3D animations

Not sure what you mean with “scale it more”, like custom coding quizes in MakeCode?

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