A complete Playcanvas scene inside div tags?

Hi Playcanvas Team,

I am developing an interactive scene in Playcanvas, it has to be integrated into the customer’s CMS (coremedia). Unfortunately the Playcanvas scene can not be embedded via an iframe, but directly as html post. They want the complete html code of the scene to live inside a div tag. Is this possible? Are there any best practices to archive this?

Like this:

<div id="scene">
    <!-- Playcanvas Code -->

The CMS also has some other requirements (e.g. specific folder structure, etc…) which I solved with a Python script. The script moves the script files and replaces the new paths, this works great.


It’s doable with an engine patch Embedding PlayCanvas into a webpage without iframe

Great, will have a look!


Please note that it’s not a supported engine feature so there may be some edge cases.