A brand new upgraded-up to date editor

Heey just out of prospective when are you guys gonna redo the whole editor with cool features and everything.Like for example:prefabs,free custom server,support multiplayer,text scripts,custom ui system,better documentation for new users and much more would be nice!!!

  • Redo the whole Editor - Nope. The Editor is already cool, in my most humble of opinions. But obviously, we’ll keep improving it.
  • Prefabs - We call this concept ‘Templates’. We’re in an exploratory phase for this feature.
  • Free custom server - No plans to offer hosting infrastructure beyond what’s provided by the playcanv.as domain. Lots of companies already offer great solutions for this giving you plenty of choice.
  • Support multiplayer - There are already lots of multiplayer games made with PlayCanvas.
  • Text scripts - Superb text support already available.
  • Custom UI system - Do you mean in your app/game? PlayCanvas has a very advanced UI creation system. If you mean an Editor Plugin System, we hope to start work on that this year sometime.
  • Better documentation for new users - Sure! I’m always keen to hear ideas about how it can be made better. Maybe open issues here.

wow um thnx for reading my ideas and by text superb text support i meant text script

What do you mean? Can you give an example? Are you thinking of things like text input fields?

Or do you mean typescript?

typescript i guess since its better

It’s unlikely that typescript support will be added to the editor as it isn’t widely supported in browsers directly and it’s another set of syntax that the team has to maintain and support.

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o i will just use unity

@Marquise_Edwards Good luck with that. If you’re into building web games, Unity is by far NOT the best choice!

Also, asking for typescript support when developing web games? The entire web is JavaScript-powered!

I don’t think you’ll have it easier than going with PlayCanvas. Trust me, I come from Unity.

Also, multiplayer support; If what you’re asking for is a “ready-to-use” solution, you might start learning by yourself because there is literally not a single networking solution that is “plug & play”. Every multiplayer game is unique, has tons of different network variables that require their own time to test out and get right for the smoother experience.

But even like that, someone wrote a super easy to understand multiplayer tutorial for PlayCanvas: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/real-time-multiplayer/

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Thnx man Im still gonna use playcanvas because I grew with playcanvas and I love the engine and website also I tried unity and Im not at that level yet I am still a begginer in coding and in gamedev but I am learning I already know how to animate something in code.

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Totally agree that it’s already cool, but it’s not just a little cool it’s super cool


@Marquise_Edwards Just stick to learning, try to build projects, fail, repeat. If you stick to it, years from now you’ll be experienced and will be able to build pretty much whatever you want/need.

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yes I know everyone tells me this also I am already learning on khanacademy.To learn javascript soon css.

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nice to hear templates(prefabs) are in the pipeline!

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