4swon't run any games

Can’t get a game to run on my iPhone 4 s in safari demos

First thing to say is that you need to ensure you have upgraded to iOS 8. That is required to run PlayCanvas content in mobile Safari. If you have upgraded and you are finding that a PlayCanvas game isn’t running, it could be because your phone is running out of memory. The iPhone 4S only has 512MB RAM so some larger games that have a lot of texture or mesh data, for example, may fail to load. Which game are you trying to run?

so far all the ones on the home page

I do have ios8 on my phone.

The four ‘featured’ games on the home page have not been optimized for low memory devices. Plus the fact that iOS 8 is brand new and probably requires some fixes too. If I pick a PlayCanvas app that uses less memory, the 4S seems to deal with it better - like this scene (not a game, just a demo of split screen rendering).