3ds Max PlayCanvas plugin


I’m beginning my journey with PlayCanvas. So for now I’m trying only free version. Maybe that is a reason why I cannot find place with PlayCanvas plugin for 3ds Max. I saw that plugin in this video basically I want to be sure how my asset will look like in PlayCanvas to be sure what I cant to achieve.

So my question is, this Visualizer server is only for paid version or I’m just noob and I cannot find this?

Best regards and thank you in advance for help,

  • Lucas

Hi Lucas.

This video been made in 2011, and today is end of 2015, many thing been changed since then, including the fact that this plugin does not exists anymore.
In real world cases, one to one preview is not something that possible, as there are already differences in material systems and input values.
So best way to preview your stuff is simply save model as FBX, and drag’n’drop into playcanvas, maybe change some material settings, to make it to match your app visual requirements and possibly PBR setup.


Hi Max,

Thank you for help, I’ll try in that way.

– Lucas