3D model presentation with changeable options

Hello everyone,

I’ve completed a “Product Configurator” type application to present my 3D model with options to alter the environment lighting, material and accessory.


This is a video showing the creation of the high resolution 3D mech model:


Would be amazing to get any feedback from the Playcanvas community. I’m glad to be back using Playcanvas and it has improved so much since I used it back in 2016 for my first go at game development:


Since that project, I’ve been teaching myself photorealistic 3D visualisation in my free time while working as a HTML5 developer. Now I want to move into the exciting world of realtime 3D full time. I would like to present my services which I hope would be useful:

An end to end service to visualise your product or game asset concept as an interactive “Product Configurator” Playcanvas application, similar to the above:

  1. Playcanvas Product Configurator Development.

  2. 3D modelling from reference drawings or photos. Delivery as:
    1. high resolution, multi-million triangles, with choice of regular UVs or UDIMs.
    2. realtime ready resolution.

  3. Look development and texture creation.

  4. Environment and lighting design. Creation of the Playcanvas background assets along with matching HDR lighting maps for convincingly rendering your 3D asset in the Playcanvas environment. In addition to creating the lighting digitally, I also have the gear and software to capture real world HDR 360 lighting.

    HDRI 360 capture during the sunset at Richmond Park in the UK.

  5. Photorealistic 4k rendered image of your 3D asset.

  6. Sound design. I can create sound effects suitable for use in interactive applications such as UI and magic sounds. I’m also familiar with the WebAudio API, useful for creating dynamic sounds within your application.

If you require any of the above services, please feel free to contact me via this forum or my website at:


Would be amazing to have an opportunity to work with you!



Looks good! It be nice if the user could move the camera to get a closer look/different angle on the model.

The textures are pretty large at 2048 x 2048 which means that the user has to download 20-30 MB before being able to see it. Downsizing them down to 1024 x 1024 can drop it about a quarter of the size which will help mobile users and people on slower speeds.

Bravo! Very impressive!

Thanks yaustar & mikefinch!
I’ve optimised the texture assets now, 40MB does seem too heavy!

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