3D Data Security of Assets

When exporting the 3D assets to the server it is very easy for people to download the files directly for unauthorized reuse. That is a problem if you deal with data from product data from industrial clients. As an agency I have to take care that no third parties can gain easy access to the client’s files. It would help to auto rename the files in an abstract way so they don’t reflect the naming in the project. Secondly it would be good to not have the glb laying around to grab and be hidden like it is done in sketchfab for example.

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For this, I would suggest that this can be done as post build step where using the REST API to download the project, it would run through the assets list and rename the files based on the asset id or a random name.

The downside is that it is still possible to work out the mapping of asset name to filename via the asset registry config.json file. While the asset name can be renamed, it may affect the app behaviour if it relies on finding assets by name.

It looks like SketchFab encrypts data on transit but rippers from system memory do exist. I won’t link it here but I found one in 5mins on Google and Reddit. It’s really difficult to protect data and we can consider solutions to help mitigate though.

Maybe a base level encryption method could be enough to detour casuals?

I agree with you.This is a problem for me too.Some sort of base level encryption is required for model security.