360 Video Questions


I have a few questions regarding 360 Video as I didn’t seem to find much talk about them besides the currently available demos online.

1). Any codec recommendations for best quality/compatibility? (would like it to work for mobile and desktop) I tested H264 and HEVC, I discovered that HEVC does not work and gives me a black screen with the WebVR 360 demo, but H264 worked so I’m guessing that’s probably the best route, but please let me know if overlooking something here.

2). Is there a preferred resolution for the videos? I tested 5.7K and it ran very very slow, just wondering about best practices here and also if there is a max resolution.

3). Is Stereoscopic 360 possible? I have a few videos I tested that have the top/bottom equirentagular stitching and it didn’t work with the WebVR 360 Demo- I assume some edits would need to be made to the media player script / changes to the material to make this possible but wondering if there is a way to pack this kind of video into the player.

If there are topics on this that I missed, please fire them my way!

Thanks much.

The demos use the <video> element in the browser so it’s whatever the browser can support.

The maximum size I would have thought would be 4096 x 4096 / whatever the browser and PC can handle

That’s a good question :thinking: We haven’t got an example but I suspect it be possible. It’s not something I’ve tried before though.