2D Screen UI Issues

Hi, i made a scrollbar on a 2D screen space, with also the orbitCamera script. when i scroll down the scrollbar, the camera scripts works along with the input. how do i detect or make the camera not move when im scrolling through on the screen?

also, regarding scrollview, in the editor the text gets cut off in the viewport, but when in debug play, the texts doesnt get cut off, it just moves up.

appreciate any help.

Hi @bestdenki7,

you could disable your camera-look-script when the Scrollview is active.

sorry but how do i check if scrollview is active- you mean like if the 2d desc box with the scroller is active on screen?

Can you provide an example project if this issue or link to your project please?


You could attach a script to to the Scrollview to disable the Cameralook:

var cam = this.app.root.findByName("Camera");
cam.script.lookCamera.enabled = false;


Both issues with camera and scrollview

The vertical scroll overflow I believe is due to an entity in the hierarchy not having an Element component:

(Panel) YJP Description

im not sure what you mean, do i have to add the element component to an entity in there? if so, where should i have it at-

The entity (Panel) doesn’t have an Element component. You will need to add one and probably use type Group.

I’ve seen things not working fully when something in the Entity hierarchy doesn’t have an Element component.