2D game materials and atlases

Hey all,

I’m working on an array of small 2D games for a client project. I’m still in a ‘feasibility test’ phase but so far it’s looking like PC can do all the things we need. I can’t find any info on the following topics however:

  • do I need a new material for every sprite?
  • is there a way to parse/import textatlas settings, or do I need to manually put in UV’s? Can I somehow create editor scripts?
  • is there a way to make a collider snap to the size of a sprite/plane/model? it’s a bit annoying to have to fiddle with the x-y-z manually of the collider component.


it looks like my questions were mostly answered here: Is it possible to use Texture Packer?

new question then: can you somehow import a material?
you can download them, but I didn’t find a way to push them back to the project. This would help a great deal, because then I can write my own tools for generating them…